“Even op vakantie, dat was waarmee ik naar huis ging als ik bij je was geweest. Ook heb ik veel aan je cursussen gehad en weet nu hoe ik op mezelf kan vertrouwen.”

“De gastvrijheid en de persoonlijke op maat gesneden aandacht die ik van Boukje-Barbara kreeg maakte dat ik me al snel thuis voelde.
Haar intuïtieve en creatieve vragen maakte dat ik me open ging  stellen voor mijn eigen verrassende antwoorden. Dank je wel, ook voor je hartelijke persoonlijkheid”.

“Oh my goodness, Barbara is such a wonderful creative person, Focusing Teacher, and friend. I smile just thinking of her and her energy. Our relationship has blossomed by phone and online groups, from me in Arkansas, USA, to Barbara in the Netherlands. Barbara has joined with me and others at Creative Edge Focusing (TM) to work together as Consultants in creating and carrying this model of basic self-help skills into the world. I admitted Barbara to the group after we shared three Listening/Focusing sessions by phone, in English. Barbara created an Empathic Listening space that was so great and huge for me to process in that it felt like a circus tent! She is a master Listener. I have also watched over the years as Barbara has worked to create a workshop career which combines her varied interests — her own creative art work with Listening and Focusing and dance and energy work — Creativity, intelligence, fun, depth.
Those are some words for Barbara.
Kathy worked with Boukje-Barbara and is the director of Created Edge Focusing